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Amazing news today!!!

Among her compositions, the composer Elena Maro, submitted the music created for the short documentary “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” to the “Global Music Award” for the category “Documenting Stories, Documenting Lives” and it has been awarded for the categories “Soundtrack collection” and “Composition/Composer” with a Bronze Medal!

Dayana Marconi, “[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]”, official Poster with laurels for: The $2 Film Festival 2018, “Semi-finalist” and Global Music Award 2018, “Soundtrack Collection” and “Composition/Composer”. ©Dayana Marconi 2018. Copyright for this poster and the related video belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. Images may not be downloaded without her permission.

For further information, please visit the following website: “Global Music Award, Current Winners”

To watch the documentary, please visit Dayana Marconi’s Vimeo page at the following link:

Maro Elena, official website

The $2 Film Festival, NY, USA, official website