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Glad to announce that an image from my new ongoing project has been selected ad ‘Entry of the day” on Quarantine gallery online, managed by Yogurt Magazine!

In such a critical moment, where our daily routines are falling apart, Yogurt submits a theme-based call for entries with the aim of facing the pandemic issue, investigating all its aspects: the media, the isolation due to the health emergency, the perception of a collective psychosis that has been compromising our daily life.

This call had a dual purpose: on one side, documenting such a historic moment from a multi-authorial viewpoint in order to retrospectively give a profound reading that is not influenced by a unique point of view. On the other side the goal was to offer a creative outlet to those who are now influenced by this situation. All kinds of languages and linguistic and narrative experimentations were accepted.

All individual images selected will be gathered in a polyphonic visual issue published by Yogurt Editions.

Further information on Quarantine.Yogurt Instagram page:

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