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Glad to be selected for the exhibition “Working from home”, managed by Shutter Hub in London, and to be featured, among other amazing photographers, into the following article:

‘Due to the fact that I must work from home, I have no chance to work on new shootings and this gave me the chance to reflect on the material I created in the past and to have a more transformative approach, since working from home is not only about the physical space in which I operate, but also a brand new mental process that allows me to be more creative in terms of making something new out of something old. The lockdown gave me the chance to investigate myself more while investigating the photographic image as an object coexisting with me in my physical space: how to explore more that sense of isolation, transformation and disappearance through it?

I transformed my photographs into animals using origami-technique and creating “dypthics” by putting them together with images crumbled, cut, torn apart. As stated, the idea is to physically explore that self-transformation, identity-loss, the feeling to disappear. It is my vision of myself, of the world and the universe and how I transform and manipulate them to become integral part of it, to integrate in a moment in which I do not belong, not even to myself.’

Dayana Sharon Marconi