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“EM GOT LOST IN LA – 20 places in which she couldn’t find herself” is a small book created during my MA Photography at Falmouth University, Cornwall. I have been asked to be inspired by one or more Edward Ruscha’s books, being completely free in the interpretation of his work and in its creation.

I opted to express how I am currently feeling: as an individual who has lost her dreams, her inspiration, herself.

I decided to create a fictional character, Em, who is living the same situation and is asking for help, who needs to be found. She is a woman mirroring another woman (me), but also representing a spiritual, psychological and emotional condition shared by many artists and individuals.
Visiting Los Angeles for the second time, I had the chance to see how many “lost souls” inhabit its streets and I dedicated this very simple book to them, too.

I used many elements that can be found in Ruscha’s works: gas stations, cactuses, palm trees, a swimming pool, glass, painting, parking lots, cityscapes, real estates, streets of Los Angeles and others, but I decided to use my personal style and perspective in a sort of sad and emotional version of “Where is Wally?”.

Since I decided to use a retro black and white style for my images’ post-production, I opted to print it in a very basic style, almost like an old notebook because, often, difficult situations have simple solutions.
In this case, for instance, I tried to find my lost artistic inspiration and happiness wandering the streets of LA and physically looking for them, by giving them a humanised form I could chase.

There are no descriptions of my images, but simple captions starting with a “Last seen…” and providing the exact location in which Em can be found.

Did you find her?

Subject and Photographs: ©Dayana Marconi 2017. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.

Created in Los Angeles, CA, USA.