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The project “I can hear you now” is born as Major project for my MA Photography at Falmouth University. It means to be a psychological research, using Photography as a medium to convey the message, in order to analyse those mental-health, everyday and social problems related to negative feelings and the act of screaming as a way to distress the discomfort of an individual. This project does not want to simply analyse the act of screaming itself, but those negative emotions that everyone carries on in his/her everyday life and those difficulties in expressing them. A scream is commonly seen as a negative social habit, and yet my research wants to transform it in an act of communication with more positive connotations. More important, “I can hear you now” wants to enhance a sense of empathy in the audience who will observe and analyse my work.

This project is divided in different parts: videos to illustrate the act usually portrayed in stills and to introduce the topic from different perspectives, a series of long-exposure Sequences, in form of contact sheets, to show the whole emotional process followed by my sitters, long-exposure Confrontation Sheets that ask viewers to interpret and recognise those emotions they are observing, a series of videos that symbolically portray those emotions behind those screams and a series of self-portraits that take this project to its origin, meaning those panic attacks that are the starting point of the whole research.

Further information about this project will be available on the dedicated website


©Dayana Sharon Marconi 2016/2018. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Sharon  Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.

Created in: Asti/Turin/Milan/Rome, Italy; Paris, France; London/Falmouth, UK; Los Angeles, USA.