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“[ɪˈmaː.ɡoː]” or “Imāgō” is a Latin world with multiple meanings, like image, imitation, representation, ghost, echo, thought, dream, ancestral image and depiction.

This video-documentary has an important role in my project “I can hear you now”: it is a starting point and a conclusion at the same time, its aim is  to “close a circle”

With an experimental approach, I wanted to generate a dreamlike journey into my mind and my soul, depicting how I perceive, or misperceive, myself, how I see my past and the world. It is a symbolic representation of the process of reliving a trauma, my childhood, my memories, but, at the same time, I tried to symbolically show the sense of liberation from a burden to leave space to a better and unknown future.

Suffering is a shared condition and this is represented by a sort of doppelgänger, another woman symbolically sharing some of my experiences, even if in a slightly different way.

The visual narration accompanies the interviews released by the Film Composer Elena Maro and the Phychologist and Neuropsychologist Dr Martina Gerbi.

The first contributor explained how she collaborated with me and her multiple roles during the whole creation of my project, also showing how my images, a visual representation of the pain of others, can be “translated” in sounds.

Dr Gerbi spent some words to explain the relationship between Psychology and Photography, the origins of Art-therapy and the potential of my project and its relation with Mental Health support and investigation.

Writtend and directed by Dayana Marconi

Photography by Dayana Marconi.

English subtitles by Dayana Marconi.

Video and editing by Alessio Mattia.Music and sound-design by Elena Maro –

Thanks to: Diavolo Rosso – No-profit Culture and Art Organisation, Dr Martina Gerbi & Marialuisa Ferraro, Dario Floro, all my sitters.

©Dayana Sharon Marconi 2016/2018. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Sharon Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.

Created in: Asti/Rome, Italy & Los Angeles, USA.