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“Raw and Natural” is a journey into female body to discover and exhibit her femininity and her intimate complexity. Woman as a natural element, raw, without social conditioning, exploring herself, proud of her intimate world.

The work is divided in three stages: approaching, questioning and exhibition.
It wants to go deeper and deeper to discover the anatomy of interiority starting from observation.

The project wants to portray the female body as something natural and uncontaminated, in order to represent the evolution of the mankind from its primordial traits to its current context, immune from all that social brainwashing that aims to shape it. The fish, both representing an animalization of the individual and a religious symbol, wants to reinforce the idea of naturalness of the body from different perspectives, free from social and cultural constraints.

©Dayana Sharon Marconi 2016. Copyright for this photo gallery belongs solely to Dayana Sharon Marconi. All materials may not be used or downloaded without her permission.


Created in: Asti/Turin, Italy.