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Glad to announce that Yogurt Magazine just published a preview of the projects created during the laboratory/Art Residency “Human 2019-2020.

“Caterpillar” by Dayana Sharon Marconi.

A personal journey into a soul disrupted by life-events and that tries to reborn as a new form of life.Self-transformation and the mutation of the surrounding word through the photographic creation that becomes means and emblem.Starting each time from a symbolic image, transfiguring, manipulating, destroying and recomposing it, concepts like space, time and depiction are redefined.

Supporting photographs with a cryptic text, structurally inspired by Japanese Haiku poetry, those emotions generated by the transformation are exalted. Little by little, words become less and less unclear and readable until they verge into the creation of a brand new Language, so that the depicted self-identity and environment are annulled, until they disappear.

Subject has been transformed in a new creature and the same transformation has been applied to the surrounding world that becomes a completely different: a physical, surreal, emotional and symbolic place in which I can feel being again part of a whole.

It’s a life cycle in which caterpillar becomes chrysalis and butterfly: the old self stop existing to give space to a new creature.